ĀKONGA ANGITU Successful Learner Criteria

At the beginning of the term our class developed a criteria for what we think a 'Successful Learner' or 'Ākonga Angitu' does at school. 

We also outlined the characteristics of an 'Unsuccessful Learner' and 'Extended Learner'.

These 3 types of learners fit well with the 3 stages of Te Kore, Te Pō and Te Āo Mārama that derive from the Māori creation story which we learnt briefly about in class. 

Each week we aim to reflect on the criteria in 'Te Pō' and develop
strategies to move in to or surpass this stage.

You can help us become 'Ākonga Angitu' or 'Successful Learners' by reading through the criteria of 'Te Pō', asking what our focus is for the week and giving daily morning reminders.

Successful Learner Criteria

(Unsuccessful learner)
(Successful learner)
(Extended learner)
Lying and/or inappropriate language

Not listening at all

Does not meet deadlines

Eats whenever, wherever

Arrives late to class

Is messy and does not clean up

Always searching for stationary/chromebook

Wears incorrect formal and/or has incorrect/no PE Gear

Is disrespectful towards others

Negative role model
Being honest and using respectful language

Active Listening

Meets deadlines

Eats at the right time

Arrives to class before the 2nd bell

Keeps area neat & tidy

Is prepared with stationary/chromebooks

Brings and wears both formal uniform and PE gear correctly

Is respectful towards others at all times

Encourages others
Confidently speaks within the class, whānau and school

Always on task

Finishes work before the due date and to a high standard

Volunteers to go first and lead activities

Is consistently punctual

Ensures entire class tidy and uses initiative

Respect for yours, others and the school's property

Notices when others need help and offers assistance

Positive role model in the class, whānau and wider school


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