Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2017


Matariki Lanterns

 To celebrate Matariki we have created lanterns and decorated the three sides with symbols that represent three of the 9 stars in the cluster. By looking at the pictures below, can you guess the stars that are depicted by the symbols on the lantern?

How to make a lantern

1.Use 3 sewers to make a triangle 2.Then grab 3 small planks and make a pyramid and use the triangle as the base. 3.Once your pyramid is done make a outside layer out of baking paper and glue them on. 4.Use tissue paper to make designs(optional)or you can cut out some shapes in the baking paper then your lantern is done. -By Cody T

ĀKONGA ANGITU Successful Learner Criteria

At the beginning of the term our class developed a criteria for what we think a 'Successful Learner' or 'Ākonga Angitu' does at school. 

We also outlined the characteristics of an 'Unsuccessful Learner' and 'Extended Learner'.
These 3 types of learners fit well with the 3 stages of Te Kore, Te Pō and Te Āo Mārama that derive from the Māori creation story which we learnt briefly about in class. 

Each week we aim to reflect on the criteria in 'Te Pō' and develop strategies to move in to or surpass this stage.
You can help us become 'Ākonga Angitu' or 'Successful Learners' by reading through the criteria of 'Te Pō', asking what our focus is for the week and giving daily morning reminders.
ĀKONGA ANGITU Successful Learner Criteria
TE KORE (Unsuccessful learner) TE PŌ (Successful learner) TE ĀO MĀRAMA (Extended learner) Lying and/or inappropriate language
Not listening at all
Does not meet deadlines
Eats whenever, wherever
Arrives late to class…


To celebrate the beginning of the Māori New Year, Matariki, we bused to the Children's Art house and gained some insight on what a traditional Māra Kai (garden) is.

"I learnt a lot today like how to make soil and how to harvest potatoes/kumara. I learnt many tools to harvest and plant food. I learnt how people made food in the old days in Rotorua. I love that we got to taste the food that we harvest (potatoes, kumara)." Cody T Wiremu and Aria searching for Kumara and Potatoes.

Haka/Waiata Competition

At the end of Last Term the entire school participated in the annual Haka/Waiata Competition. 
We dedicate a lot of our time to learning the meaning to our school song and haka, memorising the actions and choreography while spending time mastering how to perform to around 700 of people.

 As a result we place 3rd and could not be more proud of our efforts!

Term 1 Academic Badge Recipients

These fine students excelled in academics throughout Term 1 and received an academic badge for their efforts.  (Bella, Tai, Wiremu, Whaea Atarangi).